Bible Buddy

Bible Buddy 2.1.0

Get the most out of your Bible study!


  • Lots of tools for finding particular texts/words
  • Comment facility
  • Bookmark facility


  • Screen too small
  • No configuration options


Bible Buddy is a small program designed to make bible study a easier by providing easy navigation and a bookmarking feature.

The Bible Buddy desktop interface is compact and easy to use. In the upper left window is the Bible text itself - the King James Version of the Old Testament - clearly laid out and easily navigable.

On the right is space for bookmarks and your comments, along with a drop down menu that allows you to jump to any of your Bible Buddy bookmarks in a flash. Beneath these two windows are three different search and navigation functions: you can browse through different books, search for a specific term or enter the book, chapter and verse directly.

Although Bible Buddy makes a complex task easier, it has some drawbacks. The main problem is that there are no configuration options, meaning you can’t specify the little things that make reading texts more comfortable.

Bible Buddy: a simple tool to make Bible study more efficient.

Improved User Interface and a new icon


  • Improved User Interface and a new icon
Bible Buddy


Bible Buddy 2.1.0

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